In this detailed piece, we talk about factors that can help pick the right banquet for your occasion. We first discuss how to choose from wedding banquet halls Chennai and then move on to halls for corporate events. Lastly, we explain factors that should be considered while selecting a banquet hall in Chennai for both kinds of occasions.

1. Banquet Hall For Weddings

The first choice for wedding venues is marriage halls. For the denizens of the city, it is one of the most significant investments of the day.
The most special day of a lifetime that joins your soul to another is about to turn the corner. You have butterflies in your stomach, and the head is full of ideas to make it perfect. There are visions that you have weaved for the D-Day, and you want to ensure that all of them are fulfilled. But turning fantasy into reality is not easy. There is work that needs to be done before the wedding day looks exactly as you always thought. There are endless lists of to-dos that require a checkmark. But there is one factor that has to be decided before anything else. The venue of the wedding has to be picked.
The wrong choice of a banquet hall can turn the whole occasion charmless. The right wedding banquet hall can become the game changer. Two simple guides to picking the right hall for a wedding in ECR is:

  • The Ambiance
    When guests walk into a wedding party, they look at two things: the couple of the day and the décor of the place. It means the interior design; the ambiance and the decoration of the banquet hall have to be on point. And no matter how famous or artistic decorator you hire for the wedding, no miracles can be created if the basic structure is not lovely. Think of it as a painting. A good quality canvas can make an incredible change in how the final picture looks. The same applies to banquet halls. A well-maintained and beautifully made hall can be transformed into a magical wedding hall in Chennai. It can take a dull and boring party to a hip happening that creates memories for a more than a lifetime.
  • The Layout
    Another thing to think about while choosing an ECR banquet hall is the layout of the place. Weddings have different ceremonies like a cocktail, reception, and spiritual. The hall should have appropriate space and the correct layout to conduct all these ceremonies without any hassle.

Add Elegance & Style to your party at Chennai Convention Centre. The best marriage hall in Chennai with 500 to 1000 seater with air conditioned rooms.

  • Prime Location
  • Spacious Outdoor Lawn
  • Car Parking
  • Power backup
  • Banquet hall
  • AC Guest Rooms

So, we have embarked to let you know why corporate events and venues for such events are actually needed in Chennai. Do take a look.


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2. Banquet Halls For Corporate Events

The space a company chooses to conduct an event can massively impact the experience of the guests. It is not just the location that decides the satisfaction but also the amenities that were offered, if the attendants were friendly and how was the catering service. So, when you are looking for banquet halls in Chennai for your company’s event factor in this:

banquet hall in chennai convention centre

  • Staff Professionalism
    Excellent service to your employees or clients can significantly affect the way they remember your corporate event. Caterers who take care of food preferences, wait staff that is always courteous and valets that have the car ready at the precise time can change the image of your organisation. Therefore, take an in-depth look at the staff and employees of a banquet hall when choosing one for your event.
    There are some factors that have to be thought over for both wedding and corporate event banquet halls.
  • The capacity of the building is crucial as it decides the total number of people you can invite for the occasion. Ensure that the volume of the hall suits your requirements. If the total number of guests is large, it is recommended to choose a place that has an open area like a lawn or veranda. Also, do not pick a massive banquet hall if the attendees are limited. It conveys an empty and poorly attended look to the occasion.
  • Catering is crucial because delicious menu items are always on the mind of every guest. Well made food that fills the bellies of people makes for excellent and successful events. Also, a banquet hall like CCC that offers beautiful chairs, linens, tables, and finest cutlery can take your event a level up. The make the wedding or conference extraordinary and leave indelible marks on the minds of every guest.