Banquet halls are loved in Chennai because of their versatility. No matter the kind of event you want to host, a banquet hall is always the first preference. From birthdays to weddings, from lifetime events to business meetings, from engagements to galas, banquets can be utilized for virtually every celebration. What matters is not the hall but the kind of seating arrangement in it. A good seating layout can transform a Chennai banquet hall into the most fabulous location to host an event. We recommend the Chennai convention centre, the best and most spacious Kalyana mandapam in Chennai to host all your events.

Regardless of the celebration or party, a smart seating style will make the event a success and make organizing it hassle-free. This article tackles the different seating arrangements that can be employed in any of the banquet halls Chennai has. You can use this guide to plan the next special event you have.

A Classic Seating In Chennai

professional decoration at the best banquet hall in chennaiThe banquet style seating is when eight to ten guests are seated around a table. This is one of the most common arrangements for any party in the city. It is called the classic style because it promoted interaction between guests. It is preferred for:

  • Weddings
  • Receptions
  • Award nights
  • Networking Dinners
  • Informal events

You would have seen it in restaurants that have circular tables because it enables the flow of conversation. For events, it is preferred because the VIP of the celebration can be seated right the centre of the room and the guests around them.

Chennai’s Popular Family Style

Another much-loved seating arrangement in the city is the family style. This includes a long rectangular table with guests seated on either side of it. When the gathering is large, many long tables can be arranged in columns. This type of style is particularly striking in photos if the banquet hall is enormous. It creates a sophisticated atmosphere with a regal touch while still being intimate. Therefore, this latest trend is preferred for:

  • Wedding
  • Receptions
  • Banquets
  • Family gatherings

Anyone who wishes to fit in all the distinguished guests of the day on one table, this is the type of seating you need. Every family member can be accommodated at one table and enjoy the celebration as a whole.

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Cabaret Style For Formal Chennai Events

This arrangement utilises an arc-shaped table with guests seated on one side of it. The other side is kept open so that all the guests have a direct and unimpeded view of a presenter or stage. This type of style is most opted for formal events such as:

  • award nights
  • comedy nights
  • gala dinners
  • Presentations
  • Workshops

Any activity that requires the invitees to face the stage or work in groups will benefit from cabaret seating. Though an inefficient way to use floor space, it is perfect for formal events.

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A Theatre Style In Chennai

Party HallA majority of banquet halls in Chennai offer theatre style seating arrangement. In this setting, rows of chairs are placed so that they all face a stage or podium. Most of us have seen this type of layout for the jaimaal ceremony at a wedding. It is also used in auditoriums. The seating is apt for events where the audience has to focus on one point. It preferred for:

  • Lectures
  • Performances
  • Jaimaal
  • Product launches

The one drawback of this packed seating method is that people can’t move around quickly, therefore, consuming food or socialising is not easy.

The Rarer Classroom Style

The last type of seating arrangement we present to you is the classroom style. As the name indicates, here the seats are arranged like in a schoolroom. There are rectangular tables with chairs on one side of them. These are ideal for events that require the guests to take notes on paper or laptop. It is preferred for:

  • Lectures
  • seminars
  • Meetings
  • Conferences

The invitees can conveniently face the speaker of the event like students view the teacher in a classroom. The interaction between the guests themselves is limited because everyone faces one side of the room and not each other.
For your next event, utilise this guide to seating arrangement in banquet halls and get the most fun out of it.