Banquet halls or function halls are used for conducting parties, wedding or other events. Special events become complete with the food or meal offered for the guests. Famous banquet halls provide catering services to their clients. Some of the top kalyana mandapam in Chennai like Chennai convention center give options to their clients for choosing a banquet type. Buffet and sit down are the two common banquet types followed in banquet halls in Chennai. It is purely the decision of the event host or clients to choose a banquet type based on their preference.
Before choosing the banquet type, you have to know about the pros and cons of the various banquet types. Here you can know about some of the common banquet types.

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Buffet Banquet In Banquet Halls In Chennai

Buffet Banquet has become popular in recent years. It is a modern banquet type where different menu items are arranged in a dining hall. The guests are given the freedom of choosing their food. It is a self-serving type of banquet. It is a less formal type of banquet. There are several benefits that you and your guests would enjoy when you arrange for a buffet dinner.

professional decoration at the best banquet hall in chennai

  • It is easier to manage the guests at a buffet banquet.
  • Less need of service staff as you need not employ them for serving.
  • Maintaining the right temperature of the food is possible.
  • Guests can choose their food based on their choice.


  • Chefs find it challenging to arrange the dishes.
  • Difficult to forecast the quantity of food required.
  • Food safety is a challenge.

Sit Down Banquet In Banquet Halls In Chennai

This is a traditional type of banquet type followed in most weddings. In this banquet type, the food is served by serving people who are trained by the organizers of the marriage. Guests feel comfortable as they are served food in their place.

  • Your guests feel special with this type of banquet
  • It is easy to manage the food and partition it based on the number of guests
  • Forecasting is easy as the banquet hall staffs manage food.


  • You have to employ skilled staff members for serving the food.
  • It consumes more time for serving the food.

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Choosing Between the Banquet Types In Banquet Halls In Chennai

Hosts of the event, couples, and even organizers of the event have a choice of choosing between the banquet types. You have to consider various factors in choosing the right banquet type. When choosing a buffet-type dinner, your guests have the freedom to eat their favorite food. Guests can choose their food based on their dietary considerations. Most modern weddings prefer buffet dinners as you can offer a wide spread of food items and delicacies. The food items are also served hot, and this can make your guest satisfied. A buffet banquet would be the right choice when you wish to make the dinner session interactive and fun-filled. This type of banquet type gives a chance for the guests to interact with others during the meal.
In the buffet banquet type, there would be a need for your guests to wait in long queues. But this type of banquet would be easy for you to manage with the dining when there are many guests. If you find it difficult to manage the workforce for serving food at a wedding, then you can go for the buffet serving style. There is no difference in the cost of the food based on the serving style. The cost of the food mainly depends on the menu or the variety of food that you choose.

Consider the comfort level of the guests and choose the banquet based on their preferences. In the sit-down type of feast, your guests need not move around for the food. This would be comfortable for older adults, pregnant ladies, and physically challenged people. It is possible to offer individual attention to each of your guests with a sit-down serving style. If you have a sufficient workforce for serving food for your guests, then you can very well choose to sit down type banquet.
Event planners and banquet hall owners would help in choosing the right banquet type for your event.
The above inputs on the different banquet types would help to choose the right kind of banquet type when planning a special event.