Beautiful outdoor lawn decoration for wedding in ChennaiThe minute two people decide to get married they are thrown into a situation where a decision has to be made left, right and centre. Though many topics need to be thought over, there is one that can pave the path to smooth planning. The top wedding halls in Chennai believe that when you have decided upon an indoor or outdoor wedding, the rest of the choices become easy. The kind of décor, the type of food, the sort of activities, etc. can be based upon the preference and therefore, be more straightforward to select.
In this article, we talk about why a lawn wedding should be the favourite choice for every bride and groom. Then we give you some ideas about designing your outdoor ceremony,

Why Choose A Lawn Wedding In Chennai?

Be it summer, winter or autumn, a lawn is always the best possible venue for a wedding party. Why? Because they are picturesque without the need of additional décor. With greenery spreading far and wide and colourful blooms adding a vibrant touch and soothing fragrance, what else does one need? It is the perfect backdrop for a candid photo! If, these are not reasons enough to opt for a lawn wedding in Chennai, here are some practical ones:

  • Outdoor venues offer plenty of space. Let’s say your wedding is a party of 300 guests. You will need a large indoor hall to accommodate each one of them comfortably. Whereas, on the lawn, the invitees will have plenty of space to breathe even if the actual area is smaller. Children can run around and play while oldies can sit in a quiet corner to gossip.
  • The décor can be as extravagant as you want or as minimalist as the heart desires. The natural beauty of flowers, trees, and shrubs is more than enough to bring a fundamental touch of decoration to the wedding. Add to them bright-coloured fabrics, and you get an opulent décor. The world is your oyster with lawns.
  • Outdoor parties can be budget-friendly, especially if the décor is kept on the down low. The money that you save on decoration can be appropriated for a more lavish lunch/dinner spread.

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Lawn Décor Ideas By Wedding Halls in Chennai

When you have a vast expanse of green in front of you, there is never a shortage of ideas for décor. But, to ensure that you get the benefit of the latest lawn wedding themes in Chennai, we asked for the best of the best. Here are some tips for decorating your wedding lawn party:

  • Go bright with the canopy

    Beautiful outdoor wedding halls in ChennaiIf the wedding is being held at the start of the summer, then go for vibrancy. Bright sunshine and a balmy breeze bring with it a tropical essence. To leverage it, use bright-coloured fabrics, and since the mandap is the core of every Indian wedding, we say make it as lively as possible. When you are deciding on the canopy (under which most of the ceremonies will be conducted) pick a shade that is glossy and creates a cheerful effect.
    Satin drapes in reds, fuchsia pink, oranges, etc. bestow a regal and opulent perspective to the entire venue.

  • Utilise A Tent

    We understand that talking about putting up a tent on the lawn may seem counterintuitive, but believe us it is not. A lawn wedding needn’t mean that everything has to be open to the sky. Put up tents in strategic places to shelter parts of the lawn. Think of it as your safe haven when the flaky weather decides to act up.

There is no dearth of ideas when it comes to holding your ceremony in the great outdoors which can become confusing. To help you sort out the innumerable decisions to be made for D-Day, we say take help from the experts. Chennai Convention Centre is the place for a lawn wedding. Their sprawling acres of garden have been home to the union of many happy couples. They have the experience and the know-how to assist you and turn your dream wedding into a reality. So, if you are thinking of a lawn wedding in Chennai, go brainstorm with the CCC.