Beautiful lighting decoration of wedding hallLately, the most popular method of decoration in the wedding hall in Chennai has been lighting. Out of all the techniques, it is fairy lights that have come out to be the preferred way. And why not? On a moonless, dark night in Chennai, fairy lights are the easiest trick to brighten up the décor of any wedding. Plus, they are:

  • Elegant
  • Fancy
  • Budget-friendly

The three pillars of turning a wedding décor unforgettable. The cherry on top of this scrumptious cake is that fairy lights can add oomph to any marriage style. From a grand wedding to an intimate affair, they can be utilised for any décor idea. They complement almost every wedding theme a bride or groom may think of and add a magical element to the visuals. So, let’s take a look at some of the fantastic ways you can include fairy lights to your décor on D-Day!

An Outdoor Wedding In Chennai

The quintessential place to employ lights for decoration is outdoors. They bring instantaneous sparkle to a place and create a heavenly atmosphere. From lawns to gardens, lights can be used in any open space. A few ways to deck up an outdoor wedding in Chennai with lights are:

Royal Wedding Stage Decoration - Wedding halls in Chennai

  • Wrap them around trees
  • Hang them from the roof of the tent or mandapam
  • Spread them on bushes
  • Decorate any pillars in the venue

Once the sun goes down and the lights are lit up, the place will have the dreamiest ambience of all. An extra tip is to wield lights like a magic wand by decorating the tent with it. Make use of an open sky tent and make the ceiling of only lights. The combination of fairy lights and twinkling stars will be far prettier than any other décor.

The Greatest Décor For Wedding Halls in Chennai

Chennai Convention Centre, one of the well-known venues for events, says that the most fabulous way to spruce up a hall is to use lights as a fantastic backdrop. From the backdrop of a photo booth to the background of the stage for Jaimaal, strings of lights can create magnificent effects. A simple trick is to add mirror tiles that reflect the lights and give the illusion of a brighter and larger space. Or go with a more personalised effect and add funny, romantic pictures to the décor along with fairy lights.

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Set Up A Stage With Lights

Bright light decoration of wedding hall in ChennaiThe most understated method of décor in Chennai is, without a doubt, using lights on stage. Flowers have been done to death. Décor objects seem just too cliched to employ. So, how do you decorate the stage? You use fairy lights that hang straight down from the roof and bring a glimmering effect. The decoration not only will appear like a picture out of a fairy tale but also instantly lighten up the area. (Think of perfect images for your wedding album!)

An Impactful Entrance To Any Wedding In Chennai

We know that the first glimpse of a venue that guests get is the entrance. If you can wow them with that, the wedding is going to be a success, needless. Use numerous strings of the same coloured lights or a combination of shades to create a tunnel at the entryway. They are different from the usual floral décor and the most impactful.

When brides and grooms in the city think of wedding details, they imagine cakes, flowers, invites, and dresses. What most of them fail to admit is the décor, especially how lighting can be the crucial element. They think of lights as functional aspects and not ways of decorating. But remember, bulbs, candles, chandeliers, fairy lights, etc. are what will finally bring that perfect light to your venue. They will help you get that ideal Instagram shot.

So, if you want memoirs of the day that don’t make you cringe and if you want the party to get really started after the sun goes down, invest in lights.
Bear in mind lighting is not just practical; it is an imperative piece of decoration. Plus, they are incredibly cheap and the lightest technique of wedding décor in your pocket.