Marriage hall - VaastuThere was an era when weddings took place within the boundaries of home. Today, the trend has shifted to banquet halls and marriage lawns. Families and couples are opting for organizing and planning a wedding in the best marriage halls in Chennai. It has become a fashion. But India still remains a deeply religious place. We may opt for the most spacious of marriage halls in Chennai, but we still want it to be compliant with Vaastu.

Chennai Resident’s Need for Vaastu Compliant Marriage Halls

While choosing the right marriage halls for our needs, we take care that the venue was built with absolute precision so that there are no obstacles during the ceremonies or even after it. We want the blessings of our Gods in all manner possible, especially on such an auspicious day as a wedding. So, how do you search for a wedding hall that follows all the caveats of Vaastu? We know finding a wedding hall in Chennai is not easy. Searching for one that took care of things like the location of the building and the direction of each section of the building in accordance with Vaastu is even tougher.
Thankfully, there is one marriage hall that follows all the rules of Vaastu to the T – Chennai Convention Centre. The wedding venue not only is compliant with the guidance of Vaastu, but it is also centrally located in ECR making it the perfect banquet hall for any marriage. To aid you in understanding how marriage halls can be created according to the rules of Vaastu, we explain below the position every portion of the building should have


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So, we have embarked to let you know why corporate events and venues for such events are actually needed in Chennai. Do take a look.


Important Directions in Wedding Halls

    • The wedding stage in a Vaastu-friendly marriage hall should be positioned in the west direction. This will ensure that the couple of the day are seated with their faces pointed towards the east, the side from where the sun rises. This is the most beneficial position for the bride and groom to be.
    • The main entrance of the hall or from where the bride and the groom enter has to be in the east. Again, this is the most auspicious direction. While the east is the ideal direction, North facing entrance is also considered apt.
    • Every electrical equipment that is to be used during the wedding has to be located in the southeast direction. This will include the dance floor for the reception or sangeet and the music system utilized during the wedding ceremony. The top choice of marriage hall would be one that even keeps the transformer in the South-east.
    • The southeast direction is also meant for food. Vaastu says that all cooking arrangements must be made only in this part.

Newly married - marriage hall

  • While the cooking has to be done in the southeast, the actual provision of food and snacks for the guests can be made facing north or northwest.
  • When it comes to parking the cars and vehicles of all guests in the wedding venue, the best place to construct parking is two. North-west or south-east both of these directions can be used to put a parking lot.
  • The best marriage hall in Chennai for your wedding as per Vaastu would be one that has a regular shape, i.e., it can be square or rectangular. Avoid choosing a banquet hall that is oval or round. Just because it looks better when decorated doesn’t make it correct based on Vaastu.
  • For the actual ceremonies, the best route for the seating arrangement of guests can be chosen between North and South-west.
  • Vaastu says that the Ishaan corner, i.e., the North East section of the building is where the mandap has to be placed. The sacred place for fire burning is considered the intersection of the southeast, it is why the cooking arrangements are preferred to be done there.
  • Any marriage hall that wants to uphold the values of Vaastu needs to construct the bathrooms and restrooms for guests at the north-west side. If that is not feasible, then the west direction is preferable.
  • For the accommodation of guests during the entire stay of the weddings, a marriage hall should build rooms in the south-west part of the building.
  • If there are stairs in the wedding hall, they should be constructed in one of the following places:
    • South
    • West
    • South-west