Amazing decorations made at marriage hall in chennaiMarriage halls in Chennai say that as the generations evolve the attitude and style preferences of brides and grooms are also changing. While there was a time when every wedding in Chennai stuck to the traditions, it is no more so. More and more, today, people are celebrating the day in a unique amalgamation of cultures. They are a combination of the luxurious celebration of North Indian weddings and breathe -taking rituals of South Indian marriages. So, for all those to-be-brides and grooms who want to honour the latest trends, we asked a convention centre for some tips.
They advise, to give your conventional ceremony a major face-lift by including the best practices from all over India. Depending on the budget of your wedding, here are four trends and styles that you can incorporate.

Baraat In Chennai – The New ‘It’

For most marriage halls in Chennai, the ceremonies of Sangeet, baraat or Mehendi were a one-off. They use to happen rarely. Most south Indian children saw them in movies or if they had Punjabi friends. But times have changed. Couples in the city are opting to include one of these north Indian traditions into their weddings. So much so, that baraats have become a common sight in the metropolis. Why are these rituals being included in a traditional south Indian wedding itinerary? Well, because they are so much fun.
The present generation wants their D-day to be filled with fun and frolic. They want every guest invited to enjoy themselves, and functions like Mehendi and baraat are the quintessential way to do so. Who doesn’t want to dance to their heart’s content to the beating of the drums?

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A Nude Glow By Chennai MUA

The next trend that has become popular during the wedding in the bustling city is minimal makeup or what brides call the ‘no makeup-makeup.’ The top makeup artists in Chennai say that brides of today have moved beyond the idea of layers of cosmetics painted on their face. They do not want foundation so thick that original features are unrecognizable. The most preferred bridal makeup package is the one that offers:

  • A smooth skin
  • A healthy glow
  • A nude makeup on the final day that hides any blemishes but highlights the best features in a natural way.

Themes Are ‘In,’ In Chennai

Beautiful Decoration of marriage halls in ChennaiThere was a time when a wedding was a solemn ceremony held at one of the marriage halls in Chennai followed by a reception lunch or dinner. Today, weddings have become more fun in the metropolitan. The celebrations are theming it up. Invitations are sent out with guidelines on what colors to wear or what type of attire will be needed. Props are being used to unleash the creativity of the couple. Photo booths that are brimming with elements that support the theme of the entire wedding. Harry Potter to Royal Effect, the celebration is all about a single theme that everything and every person adheres to.

Candid Photography is The Answer

If you flip through the wedding album of your parents or anyone else from that generation, you will find only posed photos. Pictures with the bride and groom in the middle smiling inanely while the guests surround them. Every picture would be the same; just the faces of the relatives would change. The last wedding trend that has taken Chennai with a storm has wholly eradicated the need for such photos. Today, wedding photography is all about candid pictures. Images are not posed for; cameraman snaps them when and where they can. The aim is to capture the unnoticed moments of a wedding.
A second in time when the mother of the bride is looking at the groom with hope in her eyes. An instant in time when the bride and groom are looking at each other with excited giggles. A flash in time when every guest is laughing their hearts out. These are moments candid photos take and moments that can be printed and framed for all eternity.
We say adieu with one last trend – weddings of now are all about having fun. So, only include those things that help you get a smile on your face and not worry lines.