Wedding hall chennaiThey say that marriages are made in heaven, and people who are planning a wedding can vouch for that. One of the most exciting things to discuss when you have a wedding coming up is a wedding venue. Many people would like to go to a new and exotic location, but lots of people are thinking of having a wedding in one of the best marriage halls in Chennai. The Chennai Convention Centre is the ideal place for this. For a typical Hindu wedding, several things have to be considered when planning a wedding at one of the several marriage halls in Chennai. It is best to give a thought to various aspects such as the parking space for the guests and the mode of transportation, the space for various arrangements such as the pandal, stalls, etc, the video and photography, the décor, entertainment and music, and the food arrangements,

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So, we have embarked to let you know why corporate events and venues for such events are actually needed in Chennai. Do take a look.


Why Does Vaasthu Matter in Marriage Halls?

As far as a wedding in Chennai is concerned, it is important to remember that guests are a significant part of all Indian weddings, so it is best to keep their interests and comfort in mind when planning a wedding.
In India, one of the significant aspects that people sometimes look for is Vaasthu Shastra. In fact,

  • Vaasthu Shastra which is an ancient science that deals with architecture and the location of things.
  • Many people consider it an essential principle because they feel that it has several benefits.
  • This is the reason why people even look at vaasthu when building a house or the direction in which something is kept.

The same goes for marriages too. Usually, people look for an auspicious time for the muhurat time and for deciding something important such as starting a new project and so on. In something as important as a marriage, many people look for Vaasthu principles in the marriage venue. People don’t mind spending a lot of money on finding the right marriage venue if they are aware it is built according to Vaasthu principles.

Applying The Principle Of Vaasthu In Marriage Halls

It should be noted that the stage in the wedding hall should be in the west direction and the married couple should face the east. The entrance of the wedding hall should ideally be in the north or east. A round banquet hall or an oval-shaped one may look nice and appealing, but it is against Vaasthu principles, so it is best to have a regular square or rectangular shape for the plot of the marriage hall. Nobody gives much importance to the electrical equipment in the marriage hall, but according to Vaasthu, it is supposed to be in the southeast direction. This includes the transformer, the music system, and other electronic equipment.The first choice for wedding venues is marriage halls. For the denizens of the city, it is one of the most significant investments of the day.

The catering arrangements are a crucial part of a wedding, and it should be done only in the southeast direction. As far as parking is concerned, the parking space should only be in the southeast or the northwest direction. The catering arrangements according to vasty should be in the northern direction or the north-western direction. The seating arrangements for the guest should be in the north or the southwest. The mandapam for the wedding should be situated in what is known as the Ishaan corner which is the northeast corner and the sacred fire has to be placed in the southeast corner.

There are many other Vaasthu principles for other important things in a marriage hall such as the location of the stairs, the toilets, and so on. Many people might think that this is only superstition but the fact is that those who are involved in the wedding want to make sure that it has an auspicious beginning and they prefer to follow the principles of Vaasthu Shastra. One of the top marriage halls in Chennai that follow the principles of Vaasthu Shastra is the Chennai convention Centre. Located on the ECR and just 8 kilometers from the railway station, this wedding hall is unique in that it follows the principles of Vaasthu. Therefore it can be seen that people will find this hall builds according to all the standards of Vaasthu principles. So if you are planning a wedding at a venue according to Vaasthu principles, Chennai Convention Centre can be seen as one of the best in Chennai.