The perfect outdoor wedding ceremony at Chennai Convention CentreFlowers are one of the important aspects of the big and special day that one should not leave unconsidered. Every couple looks for the best ways to gather the best decorative ideas for the wedding. Flowers are beautiful and enhance the look of the wedding place. The aesthetics of the flowers bring wholesomeness and lovely aroma to the wedding halls in Chennai. This is why, flower decoration for weddings is very important. Flower arrangements are essential at the wedding venue. Look for the right decorators and planners in Chennai as they help you find the best flowers and best colors at a reasonable cost.

Outdoor wedding celebration is the latest trend in Chennai

In Chennai, outdoor wedding celebration is not just a trend but also one of the most gorgeous ways to make the wedding day count. Here are list of the things to note before choosing to have flowers as a part of the decoration. It is not essential that arrangements of flowers and color schemes should match but having a good contrast is pleasing to the eyes and it highlights the important portions of the wedding like the bride’s dress. Flowers decoration gives us different appealing shapes and colors to add life to the wedding.

The flower’s fragrance or smell plays a role in people’s moods as it represents fun, light-heartedness and turns someone’s day around. As the flowers and similar decorations are aesthetically pleasing, it is not required to be real. Pictures of flowers also add a good balance of color, light, and great depth, giving people a sense of calm, relaxation, and homeliness to the wedding halls in Chennai.

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Different flower decoration concepts for lawn weddings in Chennai

People these days are more attracted to outdoor wedding celebrations. Wedding flowers will play a vital part in the look of the big day as these flowers set the tone and theme of the day. Some common flowers used for wedding decorations include,

  • Orchids
  • Calla lilies
  • Tulips
  • Ginger flowers
  • Grapevines
  • Rose petals

Ginger flowers bloom and look fresh after the last dance. Grapevines are used in arches at lawn weddings. Orchids are affordable and come in different colors as yellow, pink, white, and green. Suspending single blossoms from ribbons is an appealing way to get most of a few flowers. The gentle breeze at outdoor weddings adds up to the movement of the flowers as individual pendants.

Backyard weddings are still the popular budget wedding choice for most of the engaged couples in Chennai as they unify the look and complement the casual atmosphere. Rose petals are used to define the walkway for the wedding couple. The new innovative concept is lighting up the lamps to decorate the tree branches and walls. The place looks perfect setup to tie a knot of togetherness.

Outdoor wedding flower trends for 2019 in Chennai

Beautiful floral decoration of outdoor wedding hallsChennai Convention Centre has a big lawn providing us with different kinds of decoration according to the needs of the clients. Some of the latest trends that are in demand by the people include having some beautiful chandeliers is an exotic way of setting the decoration just right. The chandeliers can be hung at the center or placed alternately at some distance. The chandeliers give a completely new and reviving look for the beautiful day. They also give a great source of lighting, bringing delightful colors and liveliness to the atmosphere around them. Placing a large altar outdoors brings a flowery and rich look. The lovely wedding roses, along with carnations, hydrangea, and fillers make beautiful attractions on the altar.

Welcoming the guests in a warm and affectionate way is one of the superior wedding needs. The concept of decorating the welcome board with a few precious and awesome flowers gives more beautiful effects. Using bulk roses and carnations along with some fresh filler makes a completely new look to the welcoming board in a heartwarming way.

The most exclusive and easiest way to locate more guests is by having the benches kept on the lawn to make a lovely sitting arrangement for the people. Styling the benches with decorative cushions, and logs make the sitting arrangement look more appealing and infatuating. Having a swing located on the outdoor wedding lawn gives the location a superb and romantic look at the venue. The swing can be decorated with the use of some fresh and lively wedding roses, orchids, and lilies to make the wedding perfect.