The day you say yes to your better half is one of the most wondrous days of life. It is full of excitement, happiness and joy. After that day and till the time the wedding is done is the period of intense planning. Organising a wedding is not an easy task. In Chennai, it is even more complicated because there is not a dearth of good marriage venues. The city is filled with great options for brides and groom and whittling down that list to the best wedding venue in chennai can be near impossible.

Add Elegance & Style to your party at Chennai Convention Centre. The best marriage hall in Chennai with 500 to 1000 seater with air conditioned rooms.

  • Prime Location
  • Spacious Outdoor Lawn
  • Car Parking
  • Power backup
  • Banquet hall
  • AC Guest Rooms

So, we have embarked to let you know why corporate events and venues for such events are actually needed in Chennai. Do take a look.

In this write-up, we help you pick the most magnificent venue from your frontrunners. We give you a list of 10 questions that you can ask each of the shortlisted sites. Based on the answers, selecting the final place for your dream wedding will be like a knife passing through butter.
Q1. Is the venue big enough?
The food and the dance are just two parts of an elaborate celebration. The venue you pick should have the capacity to accommodate every activity and every guest. So, find out:

  • if it has enough rooms for an overnight stay
  • If there is space for entertainers like singers and musicians
  • Is there space for non-dancers to sit and enjoy a conversation over drinks.

Q2. Will the venue be available on your dates?
There are a lot of wedding venues in Chennai that remains closed during certain months. Plus, the site could be closed down for a holiday or pre-booked by another party. So, before you fall in love with the wedding hall and have your heart broken, ensure that it is available for your marriage dates.
Q3. How are outdoor weddings organised?
The weather in Chennai can be fickle. It could be scorching hot one day and then pouring rain the other. For anyone who plans to have an outdoor wedding, it is crucial to find out how they are organised by the venue. Will there be some cover offered if it begins to rain? If it is a hot day, will there be air-conditioning? If it is breezy and cold, will there be heating? The comfort of your guests is to be kept at the foremost.
Q4. What will be the décor like?
A venue can transform into heaven due to its decoration. Furthermore, different season give a different appeal to a lawn. If you are not visiting the site during the same month as your wedding, ask for pictures. Look for weddings that happened in the same season as yours at the venue. It will give you an idea of the décor and landscape. The aesthetics of the location are good decision factors.
Q6. Are there enough spaces to hold all ceremonies?Wedding hall chennai
Indian weddings are a mix of function ranging from haldi to reception. It is essential to know if the venue will have enough spaces to celebrate all of them. If a hall or a lawn is repeated for two ceremonies, then how are they going to change the décor of the place? Additionally, will the transition from one party to another effect the guests?
Q7. How accessible is the venue?
Reaching a wedding venue easily is a necessity. You don’t want your guests looking for the hall for hours. Nor do you want them searching for a parking space. So ask about transport option, primarily if the venue is remotely located.
Q8. Is the venue hired by other wedding parties on the same date?
Knowing if there will be another celebration taking place at the same time as yours is essential. Sharing a space can have its constraints. Thus, if the answer is yes, then:

  • Find out if there are enough restrooms for all.
  • Will the volume of one party overwhelm the other?
  • Will interaction be needed between guests of your wedding and the other?

Q9. Is there a place to get ready for the bride and groom?
The best place for a bride to get ready is the venue. Therefore, ask if there is a bridal room available where all the pre-wedding rituals can take place. Also, if there is an additional charge for it.
Q10. Are there time constraints?
Knowing the exact time till when you can party is imperative if you like to dance till the wee hours of the night.