CENTRE STAGE DECORATED FOR WEDDING IN OUTDOOR LAWNOnly a few days in your life will be memorable and one such occasion is your wedding. Usually, people spend months planning for their wedding and make it a lasting memory for life. The reason is that everyone will want their wedding to be really special and unique from the rest. The venue of the wedding plays an important role in creating memories. So, you should do a lot of research before picking a venue for your big day. These days, people prefer outdoor weddings in Chennai to make their memorable day even more special for both themselves and their guests.

Talking about venues for weddings, there are numerous options depending on the season. But being in Chennai, a city in the coastal region, it will be a great option to host an outdoor wedding on the seaside or lawn. If you opt for such an outdoor wedding, then you should consider a few factors that will make your big day memorable. Also, you can take to the internet to browse for ideas that will make the outdoor wedding both creative and comfortable.

Provide sun protection and air coolers at the outdoor wedding hall in Chennai

Planning to host your wedding in an outdoor venue in Chennai? Well, in that case, you need to keep the temperature in concern. Given that temperature can soar high, you should make sure that there is enough protection against the sun and heat. You can make sure everyone is hydrated, especially, for the elders attending the wedding. You can plan for shady areas here and there that not only provide sun protection but also make sure the venue looks attractive.

Apart from sun protection, you can also choose to install air coolers in the venue. If your wedding falls in the peak summer season, be it morning or evening, you should have air coolers installed in the wedding hall so that guests do not feel stuffy. Do keep in mind that the comfort of the guests attending your wedding should be one of the important aspects to look after.

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  • Car Parking
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Set up a creative and classy entrance for the wedding venue in Chennai

Many people choose outdoor wedding halls in Chennai as these provide numerous options and themes. It is possible to unleash your creativity as you decorate the venue. You can add numerous creative aspects to the venue and make it look stunning and unique. For the entrance, you can add a classy and romantic feel by adding a frame and lace curtains. You can choose the decorative items based on the layout of the wedding hall. Do keep in mind that the entrance is the first thing that will be noticed by the guests as soon as they arrive at the venue, so you should be able to decorate it properly and attractively to leave a good impression of your lawn wedding.

While focusing on the entrance, you shouldn’t overlook the other aspects. You should make sure there is proper lighting all over the venue for good photographs and videos as these will keep your memories intact. You can decorate the venue with string lights and lamps to lighten the venue beautifully and creatively. It will be a great idea to place lanterns under the tables to create a glow and add a unique look to the décor of your wedding venue.

Keep the comfort of your guests a priority at your outdoor wedding in Chennai

Royal Wedding Stage Decoration - Wedding halls in ChennaiWhile hosting an outdoor wedding with a lawn, you should ensure that the guests feel comfortable. Compared to indoor venues, it could be challenging to offer a comfortable experience in outdoor venues. So, you should ensure this challenge is mitigated properly by arranging the best seating, It is important to ensure that the seats have proper cushioning for the guests to experience and enjoy your stunning ceremony. As the temperature can soar high, you should make sure there is enough supply of ice-cold drinks and water. It is important to place ice-filled buckets containing bottles of water and soda at various points in the venue.

Outdoor and lawn weddings have many advantages such as,

  • Enough room to breathe
  • No norm for decorations
  • Plenty of nature and scenery
  • Beautiful backdrops for photography

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