Beautiful balloon decoration for wedding halls in chennaiUsually, kids embrace balloons and will be inclined to play with these props. Now, it looks like modern brides and grooms also have to get on board and adapt to this trend. Balloons are an adorable way to decorate any occasion. Though these are usually used to decorate birthday parties, there is an increasing trend in using balloons at the wedding halls due to the stunning display that they can give. The use of balloons at the marriage halls in Chennai can transform the venue into a contemporary one and add more charm to the wedding.

With the growing trend of using balloon decorations, it is possible to witness these in various occasions such as engagements, bridal showers, church ceremonies, wedding reception, etc. If you want to get married in a modern wedding ceremony and contemporary venue in Chennai, then you should not miss out on the balloon decoration. Well, there is no standard way to get these decorations done as it is all based on your creativity and how you actually unleash the same.

Why balloon decorations are preferred by couples in Chennai

While floral decorations are quite common at the weddings, people have started preferring other possible wedding decoration options as well. Of these, balloon decorations are preferred as these offer numerous advantages,

  • Cost-effective
  • Customizable designs
  • Various shapes and sizes
  • Attractive and unique

Well, the idea of using balloons is not only because it will be cost efficient to use these instead of flowers but also for the stunning looks and magnificent effects that the same can render. The balloon decorations will add a unique look and feel to the wedding reception and make it look stunning. Balloon wedding decorations will add flair to the celebrations and these can be arranged in various shapes as per the requirement. It is up to your creativity to arrange them in a single color or multiple colors.

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Balloon arches and columns can add to the glam of your wedding in Chennai

When it comes to planning a wedding, there is a lot of work but it could be really fun. If you want to add more excitement and attraction to the venue, then you can choose balloon decoration it creates a beautiful and elegant backdrop making the event more special. Some of the common and splendid balloon decorations include arches and columns. Well, wedding venues in Chennai usually have balloon arches at numerous ways. In most cases, these will be placed at the entrance of the wedding venue giving an attractive look to the venue. Sometimes, the balloons can be entwined with silk flowers arranged as a garland over the couple.

Besides arches, swirled balloons arranged in tall columns in alternate colors along with a giant balloon in heart shape filled with smaller pieces of hearts can be used at the entrance and the perimeter of the wedding venue. You can also choose to have walls of balloon columns that are used to separate the various areas of the reception or as a unique and attractive backdrop.

Balloon centerpieces add elegance to the wedding halls in Chennai

Outdoor lawn balloon and light decoration for dinnerWhile arches are a common type of balloon decoration used at the wedding venues, the other option is to have elegant balloon centerpieces. These centerpieces can be dressed along with accessories such as silk flowers, trailing tulle bows and organza ribbon. There are balloon topiaries that can resemble flowering trees. You can also have twisting balloons that be used to create baskets of balloon flowers at the middle of the reception tables. There are several balloon designs that are available including muted towns of pastels, clear balloons, patterned balloons and endless choices of unique designs.

Usually, service providers use balloons filled with helium for the wedding balloon decoration. The reason for the same is that these can last longer than the regular balloons. If you were hesitating to opt for this type of decoration, then you should know that it is not too to complicated as you thought. It just needs unlimited creativity to design the balloons in various ways.

If you want to have balloon decoration at your wedding and have no idea about where to start, then you can always opt for the professional balloon decorators as they will have many ideas.