There is one guaranteed tactic for making or breaking an exhibition – the venue you pick for it. It is the location of an exhibition that can:corporate event venue hosting a Art show in chennai

  • Set the tone of the event
  • Impact the budget limit
  • The date of the display
  • The space that can be utilized

All of above are critical factors that need to be considered carefully before selecting one of the exhibition venues Chennai. Because making this crucial decision can be harrowing, primarily because of the options available, we help you make a choice. There are some factors that should be thought over in particular when scouting exhibition venues ECR.

  • Location

    When it comes to an exhibition in metropolitans like Chennai, the singular way to maximize footfall is to pick a central location. By choosing a venue that is located at a convenient place you ensure that many people attend the exhibition. Wedding halls in Chennai like CCC that is situated in ECR will have direct links to transport, cabs, airport access and even top hotels nearby. This makes it easy to reach the venue without any hassle on the part of the patrons and clients. The location of the exhibition venue should also have ample parking space. If that is not available, then a valet service so that the target audience doesn’t have to worry about parking their vehicles.

  • Amenities


    Selecting a venue in a top locality like ECR is not the complete formula to success. The exhibition venue should have all the facilities and amenities that may be required by the stall holders. Things like:

  • A/V Equipment
  • Microphones
  • Kitchen Facilities
  • Wheelchair Access

An exhibition would also need the proper arrangement of stalls, therefore check if the venue has the set-up capacity. Find out if the place allows sponsors and exhibitors to hire a caterer for the day or use the break room. Check if the place hires out tables, chairs and other equipment needed in the exhibition. Most sites in Chennai offer these amenities when asked.

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    • Finances


      Budget is one essential aspect of deciding which exhibition venue to choose in Chennai. Always keep a careful eye on the bottom line when making logistical decisions of the event. If there is a specific venue that you prefer, it is always recommended to inquire if they can offer a lower price for the event or throw in some extra perks.Exhibition Hall1 A multi-year contract, where you hold the exhibition every year in the same venue, can help reduce cost. If your budget is stretching, then think about changing the day of the event. Some days get a discounted rate than others for example during festivals venues charge a hire fee. Be ready to negotiate, and the right exhibition venue will fall in your lap soon enough.

    • Volume


      The capacity limit of an exhibition venue is fundamental. It will define the number of stalls that can be put up and the maximum number of customers the space can hold at a given time. The consequence of which will be how much sale do the exhibitors make. The higher the capacity of the venue, the more audience that can visit and hence more the profit earned by clients. Just because more footfall equals to higher probability of sale, it doesn’t mean that the biggest exhibition venue in ECR would be the best. Take a look at how many people are putting up their products or services on the day of the event. If it is a small exhibition, then a smaller capacity venue would be ideal.

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  • Prime Location
  • Spacious Outdoor Lawn
  • Car Parking
  • Power backup
  • Banquet hall
  • AC Guest Rooms

So, we have embarked to let you know why corporate events and venues for such events are actually needed in Chennai. Do take a look.

  • Staff


    The day of the show can become hectic with people from all corners of Chennai coming in. So, it is essential to have staff and employees that can make sure that things are being taken care of. An exhibition venue that helps you with the wait staff, security and concierge support would be better than others. A venue coordinator can also come in really handy to solve any 11th-hour issues that rise. Another staff member that can save the venue from failing is tech support. Lighting, Wi-Fi, screens, etc. tend to stop working at the last moment. A sound technician will be able to resolve such issues in a New York minute and save the day.